Post Of The Week – Sunday 27th August, 2017

1) David Engleman On The Brain

This series is being repeated on BBC4 at the moment. The website for the programme is here and you can see the programmes via iPlayer. I liked the section on brain plasticity which I have incorporated into the webpage we will use this term.


2) Erasing Memories

The idea that it is possible to erase memories has been around for a while. This article by Mo Costandi looks at a recent piece of work in this area and offers an insight into where the research might take us.


3) Gender Biases

Following the controversy related to Google in the last couple of weeks, this article has something sensible and balanced to say about how to address gender balance in science.


4) Psychopathy

The BBC is going to broadcast a Horizon documentary about psychopaths. The link is here. Uta Frith has some very interesting things to say about psychopathy, particularly in relation to autism, in this conversation.


5) Newborn Babies And Numbers

Baillargeon’s research seeks to show how children are born with a physical reasoning system. It has led to further work from other researchers to extend our understanding of what new born children can do. Here is a piece about their sense of number.



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