Post Of The Week – Sunday, 16th July 2017

1) Biological Rhythms

As an introduction to what biological rhythms are and why we have them, this is pretty good.


2) How do anti-depressants actually work?

This article neatly sums up what we do and don’t know about how antidepressants work. We no longer study biological treatments for depression as part of our course but we do look at how SSRI drugs are used to treat CBT. Furthermore, this article gives a balanced and judicious overview of the debate about the increasing use of antidepressants.


3) Graphs

Studies have been done by Year 1 and we’re in the process of compiling research reports, including graphs. Here’s some advice from TED Ed on what not to do.


4) Peak Experiences

Self-actualisation within the humanistic approach is associated with peak experiences. This article describes research into transforming experiences in nature. They are powerful and intriguing stories.


5) Facial Recognition

Baillargeon’s research suggests that children are born with an innate reasoning system which enables them to understand and begin to explore the physical world. This begs the question of what else children are born being able to do. This research suggests that late in gestation, children are able to recognise faces. As with Baillargeon’s research, this conclusion is based on an inference: foetuses turn towards three lights in the shape of a face but not to the same lights upside down. If valid, this begs the question of what else children are able to do when they are born.


6) Peers As A Risk Factor In Smoking

This is quite an old piece of research but it is still useful. It suggests that an informal peer  led intervention is effective in reducing smoking. Evidence about the impact of peers is quite hard to find and quite mixed. The fact that interventions based on peer intervention work suggests that peers are an influential risk factor.


7) Virtual Reality For Psychosis.

This video comes from King’s College, London




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