Post Of The Week – Sunday 4th June 2017

1) Women And Addiction

We have thought about gender bias in relation to several areas of Psychology this year, distinguishing between alpha and beta bias. Addiction is not an area we have thought about. This piece from the Mental Elf explains how women’s experience of addiction is different from that of men and what we might do about it.


2) All In The Mind

This week’s episode has an interesting section on mindfulness in schools. It’s an idea which people like the sound of but the evidence base is quite limited. The solution is to launch a big research project. You can read about that here. Also on AITM this week are two stories worth listening to, one about temporary amnesia and one about the experience of autism in a minority ethnic group.


3) Reliability In Neuroimaging

We’ll be tackling reliability in Year 1 next week. Here is Dorothy Bishop from the University Of Oxford with some important things to say about reliability in general and neuroimaging in particular.


4) Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation

This is seriously clever. In the Horizon programme on OCD, part of which we have watched in lessons, there is a sequence showing surgery to insert electrodes into the basal ganglia to bring about changes in a patient suffering from chronic OCD. This is clearly a risky procedure. This article explains how such stimulation could be carried out without the need for surgery. That opens up some strong possibilities for therapy.


5) Ketamine Again

The story of how ketamine has been tested as an antidepressant says much about what we believe and what we know about drugs. Here from Neurosceptic is a valid and thoughtful commentary on the latest statement from the APA.


6) The Brain As A Computer

We examine this idea as part of the cognitive approach. This article explains some of the startling ways in which the brain is not like a computer.


7) Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch

Alan Baddeley is always worth listening to. Here he is with Graham Hitch  talking in a pub.


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