Post Of The Week – Saturday 18th March 2017

1) The Brain: A Radical Rethink

When we have studied anything to do with localisation of the brain this year, I have been keen to stress that increasingly we understand the brain in terms of integration, not localisation. This article makes the point rather more effectively than I do.


2) Approaches To Psychopathology

In Year 1, we’ll be working in the next couple of weeks on psychopathology, contrasting different approaches to explaining psychological disorders. This article has some important things to say on the importance of integrating approaches in order to help people get better.


3) Gender Differences In Suicide

Suicide is the biggest single cause of death in young people aged 18-34. This article explores some of the issues which arise from the gender imbalance. Males are four times more likely to commit suicide than females. Beta-bias emerges as an issue here. Treatment does not as things stand address the differences between males and females ion seeking and responding to treatment. The article explores what might be done about this.


4) Social Drinking

This article is about the effects of social drinking. The focus is on moving out of the lab to explore the effects of alcohol in social situations. Understanding the limitations of findings from laboratory experiments has enabled researchers to develop more sophisticated ways of researching social drinking.


5) Memory And Sleep

This covers both sleep and memory, explaining what is currently know about short term and long term memory and how memories are laid down during sleep.


6) Dopamine

Here is something up to date about what dopamine is and isn’t.


7) Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Here she is, saying some important things about plasticity, health and education.

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