Post Of The Week – Monday 2nd January 2017

1) A Little Bit OCD

This article explores the presentation of OCD in HBO’s “Girls”. It explains how it moves away from depicting OCD as being tidy and fastidious to explore the anxiety and misery at the heart of the condition. This article gives a fuller overview of how OCD is defined and understood.


2) Autism As Lack Of Theory Of Mind

When we look at social cognition and autism, we consider how autism is explained as lack of theory of mind. However, why people should lack a theory of mind is not explained. This research looks at how errors in understanding the decisions of others may be related to functioning of one part of the brain, the gyral surface of the anterior cingulate cortex. That represents a step forward in understanding why autism develops.


3) Spotlight On Careers – Occupational Psychology

This video from the BPS featuring Dr. Tony Zarola explains how occupational psychology has an impact in the workplace. It reminds us that there are more careers available in Psychology than forensic and clinical.


4) Screentime

I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks preparing the final leg of the Year 2 course. It’s great that in our course, there is now a greater emphasis on using high quality evidence to evaluate theories: no more issues, debates and approaches for their own sake. In that spirit, this article about screentime is brilliant. It takes apart claims about the negative effects of screentime made by people who really should know better, using evidence from a range of robust studies.


5) Tougher Minds

This website is interesting. Tougher Minds is an organisation which works on helping people in educational and other organisations learn better. With upcoming mock exams in mind, it has some good advice about learning strategies.


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