Post Of The Week – Sunday 4th September 2016

1) Surgery Ban

Last week, I was working on biological explanations of obesity. I was looking for a news story I dimly remembered about people with obesity being denied surgery unless they could lose weight. I hunted around on the internet and found something. As it turned out, I needn’t have bothered as this has just appeared. The issue is whether obesity is an illness with a biological basis. If it is, then people are being denied treatment on the grounds that they are ill.


2) Gender And Autism

I’ve also in the past few weeks been working on the gender bias topic. One of the examples I was thinking about there was the way in which autism is regarded in women. There is some good research in this area. This news story tells you a bit more.


3) Some Biopsychology

Here are some links relevant to the Biopsychology we will be doing this year. “Plasticity” refers to the ability of the brain to change and adapt as the result of experience and new learning. There’s a debate going on about just how plastic the brain is, with claims being made about how we can significantly change the structures of our brains by changing the things we do. This article explains more about plasticity. This article looks at the problems the brain has in adapting when a limb is amputated. More generally, this article explains some of the projects across the world which are trying to find out more about how the brain works.


4) Stigma And Cultural Differences

The new Year 2 course makes several references to stigma. I keep having to access the Time To Change image associated with it. I’ve also been thinking more about cultural difference. This article from the BBC explains a bit about both.


5) How Advertisers Seduce Our Subconscious

People with Psychology degrees sometimes end up working in marketing. This article shows why a bit of Psychology knowledge can help.


6) The Neuroscience Of Memory

We’ll be starting Memory as a topic very soon in AS. We look at models of memory which were first suggested fifty years ago. Modern neuroscience can now look inside the brain and describe the process of  memory. This article explains one part of this research.


7) BPS Digest

A reminder at the start of the year that this blog is a home made version of the BPS Digest. I concentrate specifically on the topics we do at DHSB. It’s quite a good idea to follow the BPS Digest too.


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