Post Of The Week – Saturday 27th June 2015

1) Addictive Personality

In the A2 course, we consider how the idea of an addictive personality is challenged by current psychological research. This article makes several persuasive points.

There’s a very good piece of video on modifying memories of addiction which you can see on this page.

2) Can The Bacteria In Your Gut Explain Your Mood?

The chemicals in our brain have to come from somewhere. Much of the dopamine and serotonin in our brains is manufactured in our guts. If there is something wrong with our guts, there will be something wrong with our brains. This article explains more.

3) Grandad – Back From The Dead

In this article. Charles Fernyhough talks about how he talks to his children about his father who died before they could remember him. Along the way, he touches on things which concern us in our course: the reliability of memory and the importance of secure attachment.

4) An Illness Like Any Other

Last week, I referred to a critique of Time To Change which focused on its claim that mental illness is an illness like any other. This article from The Guardian further explores the limits of this idea.

5) Two On Obesity

Here is Hugh Pym from the BBC talking about childhood obesity figures.

In the second part of his article, he points to work being done in the London Borough Of Haringey to address different aspects of the problem. New York City Health Department started thinking about this almost ten years ago.

Here is what Jamie Oliver is doing to challenge customers who order drinks with added sugar.

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