Post Of The Week – Sunday 22nd March, 2015

1) No Health Without Mental Health

This slogan was at the heart of legislation brought in by the government in 2011 to address the gap in provision between physical and mental health services. This review from the King’s Fund looks at where we have got to since then.

It is clear from this news story where the pressure comes from. The police now spend a disproportionate amount of their time dealing with people whose mental health needs are not being met,

In this context, here is David Clark talking about the impact of IAPT.

2) Diet And Choices

I have just been doing some PSHEE work with my Year 7 tutor group on healthy eating. The class surveyed each other’s attitudes to food. One of the things which emerged that we all knew that fruit and vegetables were good for us but were confused about what a really healthy diet would look like and would often make unhealthy choices. These choices depended to some extent on where we were and who we were with.

This idea is developed by Susan Jebb in this article. Her thesis is that the focus in promoting good public health has been on information at the expense of thinking about the environmental cues which trigger poor choices. Without imposing draconian legislation, there might be many ways in which people’s choices can be shaped for the better.

3) How Do We Choose The Food We Eat?

This is fascinating. It’s a piece of collaborative research which compares food choices of people living in western culture with people living in an agricultural society in Kenya. For the purposes of A2 Eating Behaviour, it is great for showing both how the pre-load procedure works but also for helping us think about the influence of culture on what we choose to eat.

4) How Teenage Brains Are Different

There is now a substantial amount of published research on how teenage brains are different. Public understanding of this is about to enter a new stage.

This article explains how the defence lawyers of Dzhokhar Tsurnaev, who planed the bomb at the Boston Marathon of 2013, will argue that his actions can be explained by the stage of development of his brain. They will use this argument so that he can avoid the death penalty. This article gives a balanced and considered overview of what the research currently tells us.

5) The Computer Will See You Now

We have been getting interested in the use of digital platforms to deliver therapy. However, as with so many things, just because something is on a digital platform doesn’t mean that it is immune to the problems with the same thing done face to face. This article explains what might go wrong when counselling is offered online.


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