Post Of The Week – Thursday 7th November

1) Bedlam Part 2

I’m posting this shortly after the second episode of Channel 4’s Bedlam series (see previous posts). One sequence of this week’s programme was quite upsetting but the overall effect of the programme was powerful and thought-provoking. If you start watching it, stick with it until the end. Here’s the link again.

2) Free Thinking – Controlling Moods And Minds

This connects in several ways with the Bedlam episode. The discussion ranges across issues of classification, diagnosis, treatment and stigma of mental illness, all of which we cover as part of our course. Particularly memorable here is the contribution of Clare Allan, an author who writes and speaks openly about her experience of mental illness. Writing this last sentence, I’m aware that one of the things she challenges is the way we use terms like “mental health” and “mental illness.”

3) Obama’s Brain

With recruitment of new students happening at the moment, I have been thinking about what place Psychology has in the school curriculum. For me, part of the justification is that psychological research will become more central to people’s experience. It is only right that there should be the opportunity to study this in school. Part of the justification for the claim about the importance of psychological research becoming more central comes from the huge sums about to be spent on mapping and understanding the brain. President Obama announced a huge project earlier in the year and the EU is doing something similar.

This article, however, sounds a note of caution. Money is being spent but people are not entirely sure what the projects are for.

4) More From Mark Griffiths

This article relates to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, machines which let you gamble which are to be found in high street betting shops. When we explain gambling from a cognitive perspective, we look at patterns of distorted thinking which drive people’s behaviour. This article explains some of that distorted thinking and the steps which betting firms can take to make gambling safer.

5) Psychology As Science

Sometimes as psychologists, we look with envy at what other sciences do. This article explains why Psychology sometimes falls short of the standards of other disciplines and how this might change.


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